PORTLAND, TN (WSMV) – A 2-year-old enjoyed a well-deserved popsicle after first responders worked for hours to get him out of an antique wooden barrel that he was stuck inside of. 

Lance and Kelly Strubing tell us 2-year-old Dorian climbed into an antique wooden barrel at his grandparents house and somehow got stuck. 

The family immediately went to TriStar Portland’s Emergency Room and they took x-rays to find out where his feet, knees, and hips were. The Portland Fire Department then stepped in with the jaws of life, but ending up using tools to cut away part of the bottom of the barrel. 

Dorian’s dad held the barrel as fire crews safely pulled him out of the top of the barrel. 

Kelly Strubing said Dorian was super brave and unharmed. He enjoyed a popsicle after getting pulled out and everyone who helped signed the barrel!

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