Chris Waddle hires graders to fix his community roads

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AMG Business boss, Criss Waddle has proved that he is indeed a selfless man who looks after people other than himself.

In a recent post on Snapchat, the rapper filmed the ungoing rehabilitation of the deplorable roads in his community financed by him.

The young entrepreneur and rapper hired grader machines and procured gravels to be used to fill on the road as it is a very terrible state.

His rather selfless act has won the admiration of many as only few celebrities give back to their communities

It is the norm for celebrities to move out out the community into more plush vicinities which has all the requisite social amenities thereby neglecting the communities they grew in.

Kudos to Criss Waddle, more grease to your elbow. Continue your good works, hopefully, other celebrities would emulate and begin to help their communities.

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