Have you changed your diapers? – Archipalago questions Criss Waddle

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Archipalago aka Palago Mufusa seems not to be a happy person after the release of his first single “Megye” especially with the CEO of AMG business Criss Waddle who has been trolling him for some time now.

Palago Mufusa is angry with Criss Waddle because he mocked him for getting over 1k dislike on his song on YouTube and has therefore recorded a video to hit back at the “Bie Gya” hitmaker.

According to Archipalago in his latest rant, he questioned Criss Waddle if whether he has changed his diapers since his backside is full of sores since he is gay.

Watch the video below:

Well, the issue of Criss Waddle being tagged as gay is not something new to many since whenever he gets into a beef with other artistes or people they all say he is gay.

Maybe Archiapalago might have something to prove that indeed Criss Waddle is truly gay or just a mere allegation.

Criss Waddle has also, on the other hand, accused Archipalago of killing Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe with his single “Megye”.

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