Dancehall dada Mr. Logic has called out the manager of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie known as Angel Town as a liar.

Some few days ago, rap sofo Obrafour in an interview revealed that Sarkodie and Okyeame Kwame failed to turn up for the shooting of his “Pae Mu Ka” at 20 anniversary a comment which made several fans take to social media to bash the two rappers especially Sarkodie.

Angel who is the manger of Sarkodie came out to explain the reason why they missed shooting the documentary and explained that they are ever ready to shoot anytime.

But Mr. Logic in an interview with Sammy Flex has stated that the excuse been given by Angel is a lie saying he should man up and say the truth that they don’t want to be part of the documentary rather than lie to fans.

According to Mr. Logic, if truly Sarkodie and his team wanted to be part of the documentary they wouldn’t come out to respond but would settle it privately but because the manager wanted them to look good he responded.

Watch his interview below:


The former manager for the late Vybrant Fire also threw shots at Hammer of the last two for his comment calling for the study of Sarkodie in schools.

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