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We think it’s safe to call Burna Boy the ‘King Of Pettiness’ and you would agree with us, after watching this video of how he sacked his fan from his concert for not ‘encouraging’ him.

In a video going viral online, also spotted by, the Nigerian musician at a recent concert in Atlanta asked security to escort a fan from the front row for not showing excitement as he performed on stage.

You know how some people go to events and just stand or sit quietly without cheering the artiste on as it performs? Well, it can be ‘kill moral’ of an artiste sometimes and Burna Boy certainly didn’t want such a person at his concert especially at the front row section.

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Burna Boy is seen putting his hands in his pocket to bring out money to pay for the value of the ticket the fan bought and then asked security to take the dude away.

“Come come come, go home, go home go  home. Escort this guy out of this place now. The guy is annoying me”

” Security, carry this guy commot for my front. He can go to the back though. He can’t stay in the front….I don’t come here to play so if you want to come and do a fashion show and  stand and look at me, go to a f**king church. Your face is not encouraging me”

Watch video from below.

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