Controversial dancehall artiste and President of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale has endorsed Criss Waddle’s new artiste, Vim Boy.

A day and two ago, Celebrities Buzz pressed the button on Criss Waddle getting in touch with an amazing talent whiles hanging out with his friends.

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Shatta Wale endorses Criss Waddle's new artiste, Vim Boy

Shatta Wale endorses Criss Waddle's new artiste, Vim Boy

We revealed how amazed the AMG Business CEO was when the young rasta boy gave a short freestyle to him.

Fast forward, Criss Waddle promised to send him to the studio the next day and provide all that he needs to make him go global, a promise he proudly delivered.

[embedded content] A new video sighted by Celebrities Buzz has Shatta Wale endorsing the young talent.

According to him, anything from the street is worth supporting.

Meanwhiles, Criss Waddle is running his new ‘boy’ through some artistory rebrand that will enable him to fit into the fast growing commercial industry.

Watch Video Below:

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