Pastor fined GHS 52,000 for showing woman’s breast on TV

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The noose around controversial city pastor James Ng’ang’a’s neck appears to be tightening after the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) fined him Sh1 million (GHS 52,000) for showing a woman’s breast during one of his live church services aired on his Sasa TV channel.

Ng’ang’a was penalised by CA for broadcasting the indecent content during the watershed period.

According to the Director of Public Affairs Chris Wambua, Neno Evangelism lead pastor was first issued with a warning by the authority after a similar incident took place. However, within a week of being given the warning, he repeated the same mistake.

“He has been fined 1 million shilling for continuing to broadcast when a woman’s breast were exposed. This happened during the watershed period which is in violation of one of the Communication Authority rules and regulations. He was first issued with a warning which we expected him to stop but he did not,” said Mr Wambua via telephone.


In a video shared on social media, the pastor defend himself to the faithful in his church saying that it was not his fault on what happens during deliverance, an intense moment where he prays and casts out demons, from individuals said to be possessed by evil spirits.

He said he had appealed the verdict.

The watershed period is between 5am to 10pm where media companies are not allowed to air adult content in order to protect children.

Source: The Nation Kenya

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