Sarkodie freestyles on BET France.

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The newly crown Best International Flow award-winner at BET Hip-hop awards 2019 entered beast mode today at BET France.

He delivered some punches with Francophone rapper Kalash.

Kalash rapped about life in the ghetto among other things.

While Sarkodie took the opportunity to preach about the uniqueness of our black skin and how we should start feeling proud in it.

He cautioned ladies to stop bleaching and appreciate their brown skin.

King Sark went on to talk about how the Whites have imprisoned us with the loans they keep giving us in the name of aid.

He noted that the only way Africans can be strong without external influence is when we create a ‘United States of Africa’ and do away with reliance on our colonial masters.

Watch the video below and get your mind blown away:

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