St. Mary’s Boys SHS: Police arrest suspect behind cutlass attack

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A man suspected to be involved in a bloody cutlass attack at the St. Mary’s Boys Senior High School at Apowa in the Western Region has been arrested by the Kwesimintsim Police Command.

The arrest was effected on Sunday morning upon a tip-off.

The PTA Chairman of the St. Mary’s Boys School, Twum Barima in a Citi News interview disclosed that the first attack on Friday led to two students sustaining cutlass wounds.

He said persons suspected to be behind the dastardly act are believed to be from within the Apowa community and that they returned to the school on Saturday night for an operation which led to the arrest of one in the early hours of Sunday.

“Last night the boys organized themselves into groups to sleep in the rooms with the help of the school cadet and teachers. They are on midterms so most of the student are out of campus and the thieves attacked again. When they came, they confronted one of them and the guy managed to escape but they took notice of him and so a report was made to the police this morning.”

“When the police went to the scene, they [the thieves] had broken into the students trunk store where the students keep their trunks when going home and had taken away some of the things in there as well broken into the Senior House Masters apartment. They took his radio and other things from his poultry farm.”

“The Police then acted swiftly after the report and they have been able to arrest one guy from the Apowa community. When they took the suspect to his house in Apowa, they came across a lot of items belonging to the students including school bags, mattresses branded in the school’s name, chop boxes which they have taken to the Kwesimintsim police station. So at this point, we have left everything to the police,” he said.

When asked about what the PTA and the school are doing to ensure improved security, Mr. Barima said the PTA and the Old Boys Association have hired extra security men to support the school’s own security and done some fencing of the school to a point because of such attacks over the period but needs support to complete the fencing.

“The PTA tried to fence the school but we could only fence the front of the school because it is such a large school. It is going to be difficult for us alone as the to PTA fence the whole school, so if at this point the Municipal authority would come, it would help. We need support from all persons and institutions to help complete the school fence wall to improve security.”

St. Mary’s Boys High is a Catholic school also with a seminary on the campus and it is the same school late President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwean taught in when he was young man living in Ghana.

Source: Akwasi Agyei Annim | | Ghana

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