BROOKLINE (KDKA) — Valerie Sloan is making it clear that you shouldn’t mess with her things.

Earlier this week in Brookline, someone broke into her car that was parked in the alley behind her home on Woodbourne Avenue.

She didn’t call the police, but instead decided to write a note for the thief.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Bryce Lutz)

While her message may have been a little harsh, one of her neighbors agrees with her.

Jim Skiff spoke with KDKA’s Royce Jones and mentioned that he has had problems with theft in the past.

“Brookline has had more automobile thefts than any other neighborhood in the city over the years, I’ve heard,” said Skiff.

Whoever broke into the car didn’t get much, but for Valerie, she says it’s just the principle of it.

“We lose more than they gain. They’re not gaining muCh, and I realize they’re struggling,” said Sloan.


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