Lilwin and girlfriend beg Funny Face; chats, voice note leak

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Funny Face, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Sandra Ababio have been trending in the news following’s reports on their feud.


Lilwin(Left) – Funny Face (Right)

As earlier reports indicate, they two have been throwing jabs at each other after Lilwin in an interview stated that Funny Face won ‘favourite actor of the year’ award he didn’t deserve.

Funny would not take such a comment lightly and immediately hit back at Lilwin in a lengthy post on Instagram.

This resulted in a back and forth with each party going after the other on social media at the least given chance.

In their several shots directed at each other, Funny shared an audio conversation he had with Kwame Ahenfie (Who’s said to be Lilwin’s PA) which revealed that the latter wasn’t even in support of his boss.

It was in that conversation Sandra Ababio’s name came up– where Funny Face stated Sandra had even contacted him to beg him not to expose Lilwin.

Sandra who didn’t take that lightly also came back on social media to send a strong warning to Funny, adding that she didn’t call to beg but rather told him to make peace.

Sandra Sarfo Ababio

However, in the supposed chat between Funny Face and Sandra which has been leaked online, the actress apologised to Funny Face saying she is “deeply sorry”.

Funny Face, however, reiterated that she begged him not to expose her boyfriend so why then go on social media to disgrace him.

Moreover, Funny Face is on a business trip in Kumasi and has released a voice note Lilwin sent to him– in an attempt to seek his audience if he is indeed in Kumasi.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Adebayor who has observed the back and forth for a while has therefore advised his friend, Funny Face to stay away from the negativity since it would not help but rather slow his progress.

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