Klobuchar and Buttigieg to endorse Biden


Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former national security adviser Susan Rice both endorsed Joe Biden for President Monday. 

Reid said in a statement that Biden’s “strength of character and deep experience stand in the starkest contrast to Trump’s amorality, corruption and utter incompetence.”

Emphasizing electability, Reid asserted “Democrats need a candidate who can assemble the largest, most diverse coalition possible to defeat Trump and lead our country following the trauma of Trump’s presidency.”

“That candidate is Joe Biden,” he continued.  

“Biden will be a much-needed stabilizing force following Trump’s disastrous term, offering a positive and progressive alternative to Trump’s dark vision of racism, xenophobia and policies built on cruelty and exclusion,” Reid said.

The comments were echoed by Rice who called Biden “the best chance to expand the Democrats’ majority in the House and take back the Senate” in a string of tweets.

Every day, he will put the national interest above his personal interest,” she said, adding “Above all,

@JoeBiden is a Democrat and the strongest candidate to take on and defeat Trump. That’s why Trump is so scared of Biden.”

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