What the early Super Tuesday exit polls are telling us


Brynn Anderson/AP
Brynn Anderson/AP

Super Tuesday marks a huge moment of truth for Michael Bloomberg’s unconventional, unprecedented presidential campaign — finally, and for the first time, Bloomberg will be on the ballot.

Remember: It has been exactly 100 days since Bloomberg launched his 2020 campaign.

The former New York City mayor decided to get into the 2020 race late, skip the four early nominating states all together, and pour hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money at a dizzying pace into this campaign. As Bloomberg has risen in the polls, the question that’s loomed over this race is whether a candidate really can have a real shot at the White House nomination even by ignoring so many traditions and norms of presidential campaigning.

The results of today’s races will begin to offer the first real answers to that question, in the form of voters casting their ballots.

What is the Bloomberg team’s overarching outlook on the state of the 2020 race right now? His team insists that after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, the one thing that is undeniable — and what they believe supports the theory of the case for the Bloomberg candidacy — is that there is no clear frontrunner yet. 

“The race is really unsettled,” one senior aide told CNN. “Through the first four states we’ve had a different result in each of those four first contests. So we definitely feel like there is no clear frontrunner who is capable of both winning and taking on Trump. The race feels open to us.”

Of course, that is their positive spin today, and what’s left unsaid here is one obvious reality: After tonight, a clearer frontrunner could very well emerge, particularly with Bernie Sanders poised to grab significant chunks of delegates in large states like California. It also ignores the phenomenal political momentum Joe Biden has gained since his decisive win in South Carolina, including the endorsements from Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke, and what could very well be intensifying pressure on Bloomberg to leave the race.

Why Super Tuesday is a moment of truth for Bloomberg campaign:


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