Tripartite Committee’s communiqué on COVID-19 fight misplaced – Federation of Labour

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The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ghana Federation of Labour, Kenneth Koomson has condemned the Tripartite Committee for failing to consider the plight of industries while filing its communiqué.

The Tripartite Committee comprising government, Labour Unions and employers signed a 10-point communiqué calling for the protection of employees yesterday [Tuesday] in the wake of COVID-19.

However, Mr. Koomson told Citi News the communiqué failed to spell out specific stimulus packages for businesses and employees.

“We think it is a misplaced priority. We think that what should have been the decision in yesterday’s press briefing was for a clear message that would have said stimulus packages have been released for A,B,C,D companies. That would have assured the workers that now that government has given that intervention, then they can be recalled from home.

“Or those who were contemplating to go home would have also understood that the government has intervened and for that matter, they could not proceed further on that tangent.”

Federation of Labour’s concerns

The Committee’s communique came hours after the Federation raised concerns about the adverse effect the outbreak of the novel coronavirus would have on businesses and vulnerable workers in Ghana.

Making reference to the growing number of cases in the country and the measures put in place to curb the spread of the disease, while considering the possibility of a lockdown of the country, the group, in a statement had complained about how some of these measures were not favourable to the country’s working populace.

“While we see these efforts as laudable, though some of them came rather late, the Ghana Federation of Labour has made some critical observation of missing issues in the national discourse which seem to give conflicting signals to the workforce.

“Whereas medical professionals have raised concerns about inadequate and inappropriate apparels for duty, employees in other sectors of the economy are apprehensive about job security as industry shutdown is imminent because of the pandemic,” portions of the statement said.

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