My father is the cause of my bad behaviour- Duncan Williams’ son

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Daniel Duncan, the unruly son of the popular preacher, Archbishop Duncan William has been trending on twitter for the wrong reasons.

He has for weeks now been in the news headlines for several bad reasons which are yet to be addressed by his family.

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In the early hours of today, Daniel went out of control on social media releasing series of wild nude videos of himself twerking and with other ladies in the pool.

The videos after fast going viral on social media has garnered serious reactions from the majority of netizens as the greater fragment of users have backlashed him for going stubborn.

Adding up to the harm induced, he has blamed his father of causing his undisciplined behaviour by ending his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Abena Kuffuor.

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“Abena Kuffour was my soul mate but my father caused our breakup because he thought Abena was the witch causing my mental breakdowns but he is the witch,” He said.

Daniel Duncan Williams said this during a Truth or Dare session on Twitter with some fans and followers.

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