General Legal Council, Accreditation Board warns of low standards in law faculties

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The General Legal Council and the National Accreditation Board have made damning findings against Law Faculties across the country.

A published report of its monitoring and evaluation of Law Faculties nationwide showed that most of them do not have the required capacity to offer the programme and have not complied with standards pre-requisite for the establishment of the institutions.

The two regulatory bodies compiled the report from a 2019 mandated monitoring and evaluation exercise of Law Faculties of both public and private tertiary institutions.

The institutions include; Zenith University College, Wisconsin International University, Kings University College, Mountcrest University College, Central University, University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Professional Studies and Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

The report, in general, recommended that the Faculties should upgrade the qualification of their current teaching staff and recruit or train qualified librarians to man the libraries within three to five years beginning March 31 2020.

It also asks Faculties with a Staff-Student ratio higher than 1:27, as in the case of Central University and Kings University College, to reduce admission by half.

In particular, the General Legal Council and the National Accreditation Board find that Kings University College Law Faculty operates a city campus at Asylum Down in Accra, where evening classes are held and that the Dean of the Faculty is not qualified to hold the office.

The lecturers are also reported to have low research output.

The students complained of inadequate books in the library which was also found to be defective.

At Zenith University College, the Regulators found that the Faculty was running a Diploma in Law programme without accreditation.

Central University has also been found to be running a Bachelor of Laws programme at its Kumasi Campus without accreditation, and at the same time, does not have adequate volumes of the relevant textbooks and law reports.

The pyramidal structure of the University of Cape Coast Law Faculty, the report finds, does not conform to with the approved NCTE/NAB norm while some lecturers have been assigned courses which per their background and qualifications they should not teach.

It also finds that the Faculty has no tutorial system in place. At the University of Ghana, the Monitoring team only finds a dissatisfied staff largely due to low remuneration and delayed promotions.

The General Legal Council and the National Accreditation Board were considerably satisfied with what they say were significant improvements achieved by Mountcrest University College and Wisconsin International University.

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