Ghanaian celebrities involved in fraud amid Kennedy Agyapong and Ibrah feud

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A Snapchat user who goes by the name Richard Asare who also claims to have intel on a bunch of young men involved in internet fraud has allegedly named some Ghanaian celebrities in bed with Ibrah in his fraudulent business activities.

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Ghanaian socialite Ibrahim Dauda nicknamed Ibrah One picked a fight with the Member of Parliament for Assin Central Hon. Kennedy Agyapong as the young millionaire alleged that Kennedy is involved in money laundering.

He averred that he had in his possession evidence to prove Kennedy who poses as a man of the people is a fraud.

Thoughts shared on social media asserted that Ibrah had shot himself in the foot as Kennedy is not one to back down from a fight.

Kennedy, characteristically, in response to Ibrah’s claims dared Ibrahim to come out with every evidence he has on him.

He, on the other hand, stated that he will not stop until he exposes Ibrah’s fraudulent business deals and money laundering.

The lawmaker mentioned that Ibrah did not pay import taxes on most of his imported luxurious cars and swore to get his cars seized by the authorities.

The feud between the two popular personalities has hit the fan as a Snapchat user by name Richard Asare who lives in the US and knows about the racketeering of some Ghanaian internet scammers has revealed that Ibrah is into internet fraud.

He revealed that some Ghanaian celebrities are set to go down with Ibrah as they are involved with the young millionaire in his fraudulent business dealings.

Richard called out names like Jackie Appiah, Becca, Moesha, Salma Mumin, Sandra Ankobiah, Joselyn Dumas as some of the female celebrities who have benefitted from ”game” boys like the young millionaire’s double-dealings.

Ghanaian celebrities in bed with Ibrah

Ghanaian celebrities in bed with Ibrah

Ghanaian celebrities in bed with Ibrah

In a series of Snapchat posts, he revealed that Ibrah and some other ”game” boys who are involved romantically with the likes of Jackie, Salma, Moesha, and Joselyn Dumas bought these celebrities business class holiday tickets with money obtained illegally.

Apparently, Ibrah made payment for the tickets he bought for his celebrity girlfriends with a white lady who was also his client’s account.

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The white lady in question was defrauded for an amount of 7.2 million dollars by Ibrah and his syndicates. According to Richard, the FBI had received details of these transactions from the victim and have traced it down to the Jackie, Moesha, Salma, and the like.

Scammers traced by FBI

scammers traced by FBI

He mentioned that Becca and her husband Tobi were also caught up in the money laundering scandal and was going to make further revelations about them later.

Becca and Tobi

Becca and Tobi

Becca and husband

Becca and husband

Other male celebrity names like Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale also came up as they are allegedly in business with Ibrah. The informant on Snapchat explained that Kennedy had the evidence and was definitely going to use it against Ibrah and co.

Criss Waddle

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

Medikal’s name was also mentioned but Richard explained that because of the rapper’s great relationship with Kennedy he was likely going to be spared.

Kennedy likes Medikal

Kennedy likes Medikal

Kennedy Medika

The story is set to unfold in the coming days and we will keep our readers updated.

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