God showed my husband to me in prayers- Cynthia of Daughter’s of Glorious Jesus

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Songstress and the lead vocalist of the Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Cynthia Appiadu, has described in interesting detail on how she met her husband.

Cynthia Appiadu, who is mostly advising the youth about life, sex after marriage told Fiifi Pratt in an interview on KingdomFm stated that God showed her husband to her while she was praying.

According to Cynthia, she was ministering a song at a service in Amsterdam and the Holy Spirit told her the man she will get married to.

She said that she had closed her eyes whiles ministering, of which she mostly does, and when two men entered the auditorium the Holy Spirit told her that the second man would be her husband.

“Everyone who knows me very well will attest that I close my eyes whenever I am singing, especially worship songs…So by the time I opened my eyes, I saw two men passing by me,they had just entered the auditorium in Amsterdam, and the Holy Spirit told me that second man will be your husband,” Cythian stated.

According to the singer, she was 19 at the time and she was not thinking of getting married, however, her prayers had been answered right there.

She also added that it pays to wait on God even though after the Holy Spirit revealed her husband to her it wasn’t easy, she still trust in God and today she is blessed with four kids.

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