I was once a fraudster; it’s part of being a street boy- Natty Lee

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Natty Lee who was formerly a member of the now-disbanded SM Militants has disclosed, while in an interview with ZionFelix, that he was once into fraud.

Natty Lee made this revelation while explaining that he has been on the streets for a long time hence knows all the maneuverings of the streets.

Born William Addy, the artiste, and entertainer, known for his feature on Shatta Wale’s Forgetti song, is quoted saying, ” I am a street boy and I have been on the street for like 10 years. Wherever the money is we go chase it. I have been into fraud but I quit because it does not end well. I feel its all part of being a street boy.”

The artiste who affirmed sticking with the defiant Shatta Wale from his Bandana days added that he is an occasional smoker and not addicted to smoking as many would suggest.

In the video, he was heard saying, ” I started smoking after SHS. I was a little stubborn and so my friends on the streets introduced me to it. The last time I smoked was like a month ago and I try not to get addicted to it.”

In addressing Shatta’s claim that the SM Militants were not music inclined, the artiste explained that the only time the SM boss would assist him in writing was when they were working on a project that belonged to him.

Natty in expressing how hard it is to impress Shatta mentioned, ”If Shatta was the President he would mark everybody zero even you Zion. Everyone has his way of looking at things.”

According to him, he writes his own music without Shatta’s help unlike some of the Militants.

He added that unlike some of Shatta’s signees, he never received a car from him.

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