Lil Win and Nigel Gaisie plotted to disgrace me with fake prophecy- Zack

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Nigel GaisieLlil Win Zack

Nigel GaisieLlil Win Zack

Lil Win’s former manager Zack, has in an interview insinuated that the former and Nigel Gaisie conspired to defame him with the infamous prophecy about him.

Zack, who is also a musician and a movie editor, claimed that he was vindicated by Nigel Gaisie’s junior pastor by name Kakra’s revelation on NET 2 TV’s Hot Seat Show.

Kakra, in his submission, stated that Nigel Gaisie’s prophecy about Zack locking Lil Win‘s voice and influence spiritually after they both parted ways was all fabricated.

Nigel Gaisie‘s junior pastor again mentioned that Zack was falsely accused and charged for just making an appearance at Nigel’s church with the latter’s political connections coming to play.

Nigel Gaisie has been subject to much ridicule after Kennedy Agyapong exposed some of his alleged misdeeds in the lawmaker’s quest to expose false prophets in the country.

Meanwhile, Zack on Kwaku Manu’s Aggressive Interview stated that upon making an appearance at Nigel Gaisie’s church he was apprehended and charged with various offenses.

According to him, in spite of the Police’s initial order to him not to go to Nigel’s church, he could not stand the dirt the alleged fake prophet had smeared on his name and needed an explanation.

He said, “ I was arrested and charged with 6 offenses. I wasn’t even aware it was an arrest. All I saw was I was at the station in the Commander’s office with two other CID officers. The Commander told me I could end up in jail just for showing up at Nigel’s church.’’

Zack also added that “ Kakra and Godsway who all worked for Nigel at the time were present at the station. I was in tears because I was innocent of all the charges.”

Likewise, Kakra mentioned on NET 2 TV that they pinned various charges on Zack and even though he was innocent Nigel used his influence to get to shut him up.

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