The Fulani ethnic group in Ghana is demanding that the Ghana statistical service capture them by name in the impending 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHS).

At a media briefing in Accra, Acting Executive Director and Convener of the African Centre for Fulbe Affairs and security, Gedel Ahmed Mohammed said they find it discriminatory they being classified under ‘all other tribes’ and wants that changed.

He said they have been in Ghana for over four hundred years and therefore deserve some respect as other ethnic groups.

“The 2021 Population and Housing Census must take cognizance of the of the fact that the Fulani Community have been in Ghana for more than four hundred years and exist in almost all the remotest parts of the 16 regions of Ghana.

“Therefore, we deserve to be respected, counted by name like any other ethnic group in Ghana.

“The tradition of livestock breeding in Ghana was started by Fulanis over four hundred years ago”

On Friday 28th May 2021, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo launched the 30 days to Census Night countdown for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC).

The 30-day countdown to the census marked a critical milestone in the 100 Days to Census Night in the 100 Days to Census Night implementation.

It marked the start of a massive publicity campaign to sensitise the public on the census and education them the benefits, processes, and outputs of the census exercise.

The event thus unveiled the publicity materials that the Ghana Statistical Service will be using for the publicity campaign including the information sheets, posters, flyers, and jingles.

By Evelyn Tengmaa||Ghana

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