Wendy Shay is going through emotional trauma- Keche Joshua discloses in new video

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Keche Joshua has joined the conversation about Wendy Shay’s recent looks and behaviour.

The rapper in a new video has asserted that Wendy is indeed going through something mentally.

Many have questioned where the songstress’ head is at right now, with some even alleging that she might have taken to some kind of addiction.

The singer was in the news for her response to Delay on why she finally decided to unfollow her and everyone else on Instagram.

Wendy claimed that she decided to lose weight because she has never liked being chubby.

Meanwhile, Keche Joshua in a new video seemed to be ridiculing Wendy as he mentioned that he was sure that Wendy needed help.

The Astalavista hit crooner’s mental health has been questioned and Keche is the latest person to add his voice to the conversation.


Some netizens have opined that she is only acting tough in front of the camera but is not all okay upstairs.

If indeed she is going through some kind of mental trauma, then Wendy needs all the help she can get.

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