Police tail elderly driver who hits bollard in 3mph ‘car chase’

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Police were filmed tailing an elderly driver at speeds of just 3mph as she struggled to see past her frosted windscreen, before the ‘world’s slowest’ police chase came to an abrupt halt when she crashed into a traffic bollard.  

Officers following the Toyota in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, last Thursday gave a running commentary as they watched the car travel the wrong way around a roundabout and hit a kerb.

Even after sounding their siren and flashing their lights for around a minute, the determined pensioner continued to plod along at a snail’s pace – indicating left all the while.  

An officer behind the wheel could be heard saying: ‘World’s slowest fail to stop going on.’

Police were involved in the 'world's slowest' chase last Thursday, reaching speeds of just 3mph. A 'very old female,' was behind the wheel at the time

Police were involved in the ‘world’s slowest’ chase last Thursday, reaching speeds of just 3mph. A ‘very old female,’ was behind the wheel at the time  

Officers had previously noticed the pensioner’s windscreen had frosted over during the pursuit at around 10.15pm last Thursday. 

Seconds later the driver attempts to take a left turn but completely misjudges the angle and goes into a traffic cone.

At that point, the officer says: ‘Standby I think he’s going to crash, yes world’s slowest collision.’

After the low-speed collision, one police car blocks the Toyota from behind while another boxes it in from the side.

However, the officers are unable to get to the driver before they attempt to reverse backward.

Someone over the police radio can then be heard describing the motorist as a ‘very old female’.

Derbyshire Constabulary said a referral about the incident has been made to the DVLA.

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