DVLA workers demand enhanced security after Tamale attacks

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The leadership of General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union is demanding enhanced security for staff of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) across the country.

The demand follows attack on the Northern Regional Office of the DVLA in Tamale by persons allegedly from the NPP affiliated vigilante group, Kandahar Boys last Friday. The marauding young men stormed the facility threatening to burn down the office should the staff fail to vacate the premises.

The group was demanding the removal of Northern Regional Manager of the DVLA, Mr. Frank Gasese. The development disrupted activities of the authority in the region.

Addressing the media, General Secretary for the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers’ Union Fuseini Iddrisu demanded immediate action from management of the DVLA to assure workers of their safety.

“As a National Union responsible for the workers of DVLA, we call on the new Chief Executive of DVLA and the Sector Ministry to quickly intervene to ensure that the Workers of DVLA are given adequate protection in the performance of their duties”.
Mr. Iddrisu expressed concerns disclosed workers of the authority are at risk given the incessant attacks.

“It is the concern of the National Union that the workers of DVLA are at risk in the performance of their duties and this ought to be checked by the management of the DVLA and the sector Ministry. The National Union ie the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers’ Union of the TUC (Ghana), GTPCWU, is calling on the employer and the sector ministry to ensure that DVLA is safe and devoid of any unlawful harassment against the workers by any group of persons,” he stated.

The Chiefs and people of the Ziope Traditional area in the Volta region after the incident have also called on government to institute investigations into the attack.

According to the Traditional authorities, the demand for the removal of Mr. Frank Gasese and subsequent attack on his office and staff is based on tribal and ethnocentric tendencies other than competency.

Speaking to the media at Ziope, the Awadada of the Ziope Traditional area, Torgbui Vizaze Adzaho V, said the issue is a matter of concern to them since the regional manager, is not only a prominent citizen but a paramount stool father to the Traditional area.

“Someone may ask why our Traditional Area is concerned with an attack happening in Tamale. The simple answer to that is that, the Regional Manager, Zikpuitor Frank Gasese who has been attacked and facing threats is not just a prominent citizen of Ziope but also the paramount stool father of our Traditional area and also a key player in the development of the area. It is for these reasons that we are concerned and deem it very necessary to issue this press statement to bring forth to public light,” the Awadada stated.
Police in Tamale are however investigating the attack on the DVLA regional office in Tamale.

Source :Ghana/ Alhassan


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