Practice the virtues you preach in your works – Poetra to Ghanaian artists

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Ghanaian poet and singer, Poetra Asantewa in her latest creative work has reprimanded Ghanaian artists for not fighting against injustice as they seem to portray in their creative works.

She argued that even though Ghanaian artists develop great creatives, her discontent is with the “dissonance between what artists in Ghana portray in their work and how they actually act or live in their communities”.

“A rapper will rap about how the system is opposed towards them, how the system is ruining the people, and then in a couple of months or years, you’ll see them supporting the same system that they rapped about,” Poetra Asantewa said.

She posits that the quest to make money or survive makes Ghanaian artists give up on the fight for development.

Also, “artists understand the abstract [in the abstract, they understand the issues that their society or their communities are facing] but when it comes to the concrete, and in being a tangible part of the solution, they’re always found wanting”, she added.

She, therefore, called for a collaborative effort among creatives to fight against injustice and promote community development.

“I want a world where our artists are an actual reflection of their work, you know not just for aesthetics, not for just sound values, not just lip service but actively, your contributions reflect your work.”

Sharing her hopes for 2021, she explained that the protests in 2020 such as Black Lives Matter and EndSARS where “communities came together to make sure that everybody was cared for” shows a blend of ‘Community and Rage’ needed for growth.

About Poetra Asantewa

Born as Ama Asantewa Diaka with a stage name, Poetra Asantewa is a Ghanaian poet and writer.

Her work, both on the page and on the stage, engages issues of feminism, inequality, and mental health in her community. Her chapbook «You Too Will Know Me» is part of the New Generation African Poetry Chapbook set, and her debut poetry book will be published by Ecco books in 2021. She is the founder of Tampered Press and co-founder of Black Girls Glow.

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