Stop illegal sale of lands – Teshie Gbugbla elders to youth

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The leadership of the Teshie Gbugbla traditional area has cautioned the youth of the community to desist from the illegal sale of lands in the vicinity.

They argue that the practice can fuel conflict among family members and the rightful landowners.

At a ceremony to outdoor Gbugbla Oblahii Amanste, Original Nii Martey Laryea the first (a chief to lead the youth in all activities), Acting Atofotse Nii Martey Laryea said the youth chief must execute his work judiciously to ensure all wrongdoings among the youth are stopped.

“The elders of this land noticed that some youth were going wayward by engaging in the activities that will have a negative impact in the area. As a matter of urgency, we met to decide on someone to lead the fight to put them in check. After several meetings, we settled on Nii Martey Laryea I to be the youth chief. We have noticed that the sale and illegal take over of lands and other properties of Gbugbla traditional area is reducing. However, we will ask the youth to put a stop to these practices. It is our belief that the new youth chief will work as expected of him”.

Another Elder of the Gbugbla Traditional Area, Nii Lord called on the newly outdoored youth chief, Nii Martey Laryea I to spearhead development in the area.

“He needs to continue the good works of our fathers and ancestors. The entire community has been handed over to him to bring development as expected. We bless him and ask that through him Gbugbla will be a better place, so we can leave a legacy for our next generation”.

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