Delay opens up on her type of man and why she is still single at 38

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Delay man
Delay man

Deloris Frimpong Manso has given a clue on who her ideal man is and we’re not sure many could have predicted it.

Aside from her fearless persona and her wittiness, Delay, as she is known in the media fraternity, does not give off too much.

The seasoned presenter has done quite a job at keeping her relationship life private and away from public spectacle and scrutiny.

Once referring to herself as Virgin Delay, Delay has cast the impression that she is still single even though some think otherwise.

However, the host of the famous Delay Show has spoken about who her kind of man is.

In a tweet, Delay disclosed that she likes men of few words. It’s quite ironic that such a free-spoken woman would prefer a reserved man.


Delay’s statement supports the assertion that unlike poles attract in relationships.

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