With my color, not even 50 rounds of sex can make me give birth to a half caste baby with my white wife

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Most Ghanaians are anticipating to see the babies musician Patapaa and his White wife Miller will be producing after both tied the knot in Ghana last month.

Patapaa who is is very dark in complexion in a recent interview after both married has spoken about the expectant children both will be having.

According to the one corner hitmaker, he is too dark to produce half caste babies with her white wife.

Speaking in an interview with  Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview on Kastle FM’s flagship Drive Time show the Suro Nipa singer was asked whether people should expect a ‘half caste’ babies with wife Miller.

Patapaa retorted by saying ” Eeeeeei with my dark complexion how can I give birth to half-caste children. Okay we will do it return back. The way I’m dark if I give it to my white woman about 50 rounds I’m sure the kids will still be dark just like me,”

Half Caste is a term used for people with fair complexion who have parents who come from different races.

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