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The Prophetic Hill Chapel’s general overseer and founder has crucially refuted the rumors that he is having a romantic affair with a popular Tiktok slay queen after a video of them permeated on the various social media platforms.

The loudmouth and savage man of God has retaliated against the trolls who have reacted angrily to the ill-famed video.

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According to Nigel Gaisie in a fresh Facebook post, he won’t allow anyone to dirty him and go scot-free.

In this new post, he angrily warned critics who will seek to denigrate him in 2022, saying he will respond to them in the same measure.

He additionally bragged in the writeup that no one can bring him down including the group of people who have been paid to smear his reputation.

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Nigel Gaisie wrote;

”Will be live soon. Keep taking 200 cedis to fight people living their good lives whiles the thieves are really left alone to enjoy the real booty. 2022, you fool, I fool with you. You wise up, I wise up with you. I’m a product of mercies, nobody brings me down,”


Prophet Nigel Gaise is trending on social media once again. This comes after the popular man of God was seen in a viral bedroom video with a well-known slay queen known as Akosua Vendetta on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

Following the video, netizens have expressed shock upon sighting the footage. Many have raised questions about the association of the self-acclaimed prophet of God with the lady.

Other netizens have vehemently criticised and roasted the preacher for sermonizing against promiscuity but practising otherwise by hanging out with a slay queen.

However, the Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill church, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has finally broken silence on his viral bedroom video.

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According to the man of God, Akosua Vendetta is not his mistress (girlfriend) as wildly alleged by various well-followed online portals.

In a post, Nigel claimed that Akosua Vendetta is his biological sister’s daughter thus, there’s no way something romantic can go on between them.

He boldly stated that the lady is known as Sandra Mantey.


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