A revelation by the Ghana AIDS Commission of Ghana ( GAC) has reported that, 18,928 new HIV infections in 2020, A total of 5,211 are young people between the ages of 15/ 24 are infected with the HIV virus.

Out of the 5,211 infected people, 4,325 are females, whiles 886 are males ranging from the ages of 15/ 24.

From the report revealed by GAC, the 18,928 new infection recorded adults of 25 years and above constituted 10,032 representing 53%

3,596 children are infected with the HIV virus ranges from 0 to 14 through mother transmission to the child representing 19%

The director general of Ghana AIDS Commission Mr Kyeremeh Atuahene told Journalists  that infections among young people pose a big threat against the HIV AIDS scourge.

According to him, Adults men and women from 15 to 24 year old are getting infected by having sex with old men.

While some of the older men and women take advantage of the vulnerabilities of some of the young people, Many of the young people voluntarily have sex with the older men and women for financial gains.

The AIDS commission further gave a regional break down of people having the HIV virus in the respective regions in the country;


Ashanti 73,345

Accra 70,855

Eastern 47,866

Western 25,620

Central 24,881

Volta 20,949

Bono 19,173

Bono East 14,273

Western north 10,619

Ahafo 8,405

Upper East 7,953

North 6,941

Oti 5,877

Upper West 5,725

Savannah 3,135

North East 2,122

Thus making Ashanti region the most region with infected people. In all, people infected with the HIV virus in the entire country stands at a total of 346,120 representing 1.65%.

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