CLARKSTON, Dekalb County (CBS46) — A parent has come forward saying her 6-year-old son was molested on school grounds. Clarkston police are investigating this incident which allegedly involves a teen. 

According to a police report, the school social worker shared videos with authorities which captured the incident between minors. 

The child’s mother, horrified, saying her 6-year-old boy wasn’t protected at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. 

Danielle says she was contacted by a school social worker saying her deaf son was molested by a teenager outside the entrance of the school.

“My emotions are still just going through this because, this will never get out of my head. This is devastating,” said Danielle.

She asked CBS46 to not use her last name in the report. 

According to a Clarkston police incident report, a 15-year-old exposed himself and then inappropriately rubbed up against Danielle’s 6-year-old child.

“We’re going to seek therapy,” said Danielle. “This should never have happened. Nobody’s child, nobody should have go to through this. This is disturbing,” said Danielle.

CBS46 went straight to the school for answers, asking what the message is to parents who are concerned the same thing might happen to their child.

“Again, I would ask them to call me,” said Vanessa Robisch, interim superintendent at Atlanta Area School for the Deaf.

A mother, hoping by sharing this story, it will help any other possible victims come forward.

“Somebody dropped the ball. Somebody didn’t do their job,” said Danielle. “I don’t want nobody else to have to experience this.”

CBS46 also reached out to the Georgia Department of Education. 

They released this statement: 

Student safety is the utmost priority for the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. While the amount of detail we can share is limited due to student privacy concerns, leadership at the school was made aware of this incident on Tuesday morning, immediately notified local law enforcement, and took action at the school level as well.

The Georgia Department of Education would not comment on any discipline the teenager faces.

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