MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This story will make you smile: What started as a middle school recess football game is now a viral video on social media.

Sixth grader Kale Hannahs has cerebral palsy, and says he’s been in a wheelchair for as long as he can remember. But last week, that wasn’t holding him back.

The kids at recess wanted to make sure Hannahs was involved, too. When his classmates passed him the ball, it was his moment, and he made the run. His teacher, Katie Biggar, happened to catch the moment and share it online.

“I was the quarterback, I was the one running. They gave me the ball and then they were trying to block the other team so I wouldn’t get hit,” Hannahs said.

Since Friday, the video been viewed over a million times on WCCO’s Facebook page.

The act of kindness caught on tape even grabbed the attention of the Minnesota Vikings’ star wide receiver Adam Thielen.


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