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Adu Safowaa is relentless. She has released the receipts of the Range Rover Nana Aba flaunted and bragged about last year to prove that the car is not for her.

Though she has apologized to Nana Aba’s boyfriend she has gone ahead to make public the truth she claims she wants knows.

Adu Sarfowaa has shared a chat between her and Nana Doe (Nana Aba’s lover). According to the chat, the guy confirmed giving the Range Rover to Nana Aba.

He however stated that the papers of the car is with his sister because she got angry when he gave the car to Nana Aba.

From the chat, the guy affirmed giving the Range Rover to Nana Aba but didn’t confirm whether he had given it to her as a birthday gift or she just came for it for a publicity act.


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