Africa Skills Hub in partnership with Canada World Youth- Jeunesse Canada Monde (CWY-JCM) has selected some 100 women entrepreneurs to undergo training at the Suhuyini Food and Beverage Incubation in Tamale.

The Suhuyini Food and Beverage Incubation is a new platform established to catalyze food innovations in northern Ghana due to rising levels of gender and social inequality of women.

The 100 young women in three cohorts of 33/34 will be given the opportunity to experience unique learning experiences delivered through various COVID-19-appropriate protocol methods such as e-coaching, e-learning, peer to peer networking, business training, access to market, and a sexual and gender-based violence advocacy program.  

“Food and Beverage Incubation is intended to assist women who double as food entrepreneurs in developing and scaling up their unique innovations by focusing on unlocking food innovations which are low-hanging fruit in northern Ghana. With support from experts and partners, food entrepreneurs will be able to access markets internally and externally while increasing their earnings,” Miss Anatu Ben-Lawal, the Programme Director said.

Rural women in Tamale and its surrounding districts remain vulnerable due to high levels of unemployment with COVID-19 making the situation even worse.

Most of those engaged in the informal sector carry out often precarious jobs including some exploitative ones.

Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) face more difficult challenges due to gender inequalities and the Covid-19 pandemic is deepening these pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in the social, political, and economic systems.

The sexual and gender-based advocacy program will simultaneously be underway in the community and will include outreaches, dialogues with community leaders including prominent male figures in the Islamic communities, speak out speak up dialogues, among the youth, sensitization on various topics that enable community cohesiveness.

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