The death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at Windsor Castle on Friday sparked mourning, memorials and wall-to-wall media coverage.

BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four pulled their scheduled programming in the wake of the senior royal’s death, as did ITV – instead providing hours of news and commentary on the Prince’s life and death at 99-years-old.

Other news organisations, including this one, provided expansive coverage. But, as ever, news continued to happen – albeit bumped down the bulletin or off the front page. So what have you missed?

Firstly, the EU has said that all but one batch of Covid vaccine produced at a plant in the Netherlands will be shipped to its member states rather than to the UK.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s European Commissioner for Internal Market, said that AstraZeneca has agreed that “zero” doses made in the EU will be sanctioned to leave the bloc until it has fulfilled its contract with them.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, rioting continued on Friday evening with stones, bottles and petrol bombs being hurled at police. Violence has broken out in recent days, particularly in loyalist areas, in part due to bubbling anger at post-Brexit trade arrangements.

Hours before in the Caribbean, the La Soufriere volcano erupted, shooting ash 33,000 feet into the air and grounding flights. Around 16,000 people were ordered to leave their homes on the island of St Vincent shortly before the explosion.

Back in Britain, David Cameron admitted it was a mistake to use private texts to lobby Rishi Sunak for Treasury support for his employer, Greensill Capital, according to an unnamed friend who spoke to The Financial Times.

Labour called for an investigation after it emerged that Mr Sunak responded with a text saying he had “pushed” officials to explore what could be done to help.

Keir Starmer has also disparaged a government report on racial disparities, saying that the it “lacks credibility”. A group of prominent Windrush campaigners criticised the report as well, which dismissed the idea that structural racism is an issue in Britain.

You can read more on these stories and many more, here.

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