A road and building consultant, Ing. Abdulai Mahama believes the heavy vehicular traffic on the Amasaman-Pokuase stretch in Accra will ease significantly if the route meant for the use of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses into the Amasaman township is blocked.

He insists that motorists must be forced to make turns at the appropriate point on the stretch, instead of using the dedicated BRT route; an activity he describes as illegal.

This proposal follows complaints by motorists and commuters about the unbearable traffic situation on the road.

In an interview with Citi News, Ing. Mahama said the traffic situation will be reduced “by 30 percent” if the BRT turn is blocked to motorists.

“When the Assembly leaders in 2016 decided to remove [the roadblock] at the left turn junction because the BRT system was not in operation by then, that was the genesis of the [traffic on the] Amasaman stretch. About 30 to 40 per cent of the problem is as result of the left turn on the highway. It is an illegal activity that has been ensured by the Assembly. If we [block] that left turn, the traffic will improve significantly by over 30 per cent”, he advised.

Last Monday morning, commuters who plied the Amasaman-Pokuase road were left agitated as they were forced to spend several hours in heavy traffic.

Many of the frustrated passengers were travelling to parts of the capital, Accra, but had to endure the gridlock as a result of a road diversion due to ongoing construction works on the stretch.

They also cited the activities of street hawkers on the road, deep potholes on the stretch and the unmotorable state of an alternative route through Oduman, as the cause of the traffic jam.

“It’s because of a diversion. They are doing the asphalting on the ground of the Pokuase interchange. So there is a diversion which everyone must obey other than that the contractors can’t work, that is what is causing the traffic congestion. It is ongoing construction and there are signposts there and the drivers are aware”, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ga West, Clement Wilkinson explained.

Hawkers’ relocation

The activities of the hawkers on the road supposedly contribute to the traffic congestion on the Amasaman-Pokuase-Accra stretch.

As a result, the Assembly has served notice that hawkers on the Oduman road will be relocated within two weeks.

The MCE says the traders will be relocated soon, while a contractor gets ready to work on the Oduman road.

“We are moving the hawkers by the roadside to prepare a place for them on the other side of the road. I am sure in two weeks time, we would have finished that. For Oduman, because of the bad nature of the road, I spoke with the contractor, and she is getting ready to move to that road. I have also spoken to the Director of Highways, and he said he is going to talk with the engineers to come and fix the potholes”, he said.

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