Given the current situation of economic turbulence which is causing a hike in the price of goods and services, Ghanaians are protesting for better conditions of living.

At the back of this, a lot of activists have arisen and they called themselves ‘Freedom Fighters’.

Every now and then, these ‘Freedom Fighters’ campaign on certain bad things which are going on and how they can be fixed in the country.

Well, one of such activists was Kaaka Mohammed — he was brutally murdered for speaking on societal issues.

Rumours have it that his death was politically influenced.

Well, at the back of the public outcry of Ghanaians, dancehall musician came out in a series of posts yesterday on Facebook speaking against those ‘fighting for freedom’.

According to him, Ghanaians must fix themselves and not asking the Government to fix the economy.

He even went ahead to diss Ghanaian youth at large.

His Facebook posts has sparked outrage.

Well, Dancehall musician Flexer GH in response to all that is happening has said that he has a lot of respect for the dancehall king.

However, he was disappointed to see those words coming from him.

Recall, Ghanaian blogger, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo , called Shatta Wale confused and inconsistent?

Flexer GH says what Shatta did yesterday is one key evidence that he’s indeed confused and inconsistent.

Watch the video below:

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