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Today, January 14, 2021, TikTok sensation and cum actress Asantewaa has chosen a very romantic method to commemorate the birthday of her spouse, Mr Obiri.

Despite the fact that the actress was recently chastised for posting too many cosied-up videos and photographs of herself with her manager on social media while allegedly hiding her husband.

Asantewaa looks to have finally decided to share a lot of the moments she spends with her husband online after taking all of the reactions in stride.

The duo is seen playing lovingly with their hands while Kwabene Kwabene’s popular ‘Meye’ song plays in the background in a new video Asantewaa published on her Instagram page to wish her hubby a happy birthday.

“A glorious birthday to the man of my world? Kayla papa Nyame Nhyira wo
I love you so much?? Cheers to long life and greatness,”
she captioned that video.

Watch the video below:

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