Former Auditor General, Daniel Yao Domelevo has renewed calls for the prosecution of individuals and institutions cited for various infractions over the misuse of public funds.

His push comes on the back of the audit rot uncovered by the Auditor General on government’s COVID-19 expenditure.

The report stated that over GHS 21 billion was mobilized for the fight against COVID-19 but only GHS 5.5 billion was used on health.

The balance was however utilized on budget line items such as government programs on Free SHS and LEAP, among others.

In addition, some of the funds were spent on unapproved expenditure or purchases that are yet to be delivered. The report by the Auditor General thus recommended that such amounts are recovered to the state.

“I have seen the report and mine is sadness. I am really sad because you go into the report and see how the money has been wasted, it is mind-boggling and wonder if people are serious,” Mr. Domelevo lamented.

The worried former Auditor General on the Point of View on Citi TV makes the argument that the era where persons who flout financial laws are left off the hook could end should state institutions such as the Auditor General and Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) collaborate to trigger the right prosecutorial processes.

“The part of the audit that bothers on criminality should be handed over to the Office of the Special Prosecutor and I think he should work hand-in-hand with the Auditor General and see people being dragged to court and prosecuted in addition to the recovery of the monies, it will bring deterrence into the system. One of the things I expect in this collaboration is to get the necessary evidence that the OSP will use in court”, he suggested.

Meanwhile, Mr. Domelevo says he expects a thorough audit of funds spent on the National Cathedral project.

He chastised the government for the use of scarce public funds to support the work.

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