UK based Ghanaian lawyer, Wisdom Amedome has made some revelations on how to apply for the UK residency for overstayers, available jobs and how to apply and more.

In an exclusive on SVTV Africa, Lawyer Wisdom indicated that due to the pandemic, there are a lot of job opportunities in the health sector and advises that anyone who wishes to work in London must not come with a tourist visa.

He mentioned that there is a way to go about it. All you need to do is find sponsorship in the UK or a recruitment agency.

“Maybe you’re a nurse or health worker and want to work in the UK, it will be easier because there is a lot of space there because of Covid. So I would not advise anyone who wants to work here to come with a tourist visa.

You must look for the right means especially if you are a professional. There is a recruitment agency here that has an office in called ‘nurses to Britain’. If you apply with them and everything goes through, then it means you’ll be coming to the UK with a job waiting,” he revealed.

Wisdom also told the host of Daily Hustle in the UK, DJ Nyaami that aside from nurses there are also job opportunities for butchers, dancers, etc. However, such applicants must go through a sponsor (recruitment agency) in the UK.

In terms of applying for permanent residency in Britain, lawyer Wisdom explained that there are multiple ways to get it. According to him, an overstayer may be granted residency through marriage, childbirth etc.

“If he gets here and his visa expires but don’t want to go back, the UK immigration rules say if you are 25 years and above, you have to stay here for 20 years before you can apply for residency.

Also, if you get married during your tourist visa period, you won’t be able to apply for it unless you go back to for a year and reapply based on marriage. That is if there are no children involved. However, if there is a child involved you won’t have to go back. Everything will be done and you will receive your permanent residency documents,” lawyer Wisdom added.

He also provides several other ways for such processes to be done legally and smoothly with the help of a lawyer.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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