The residents of Mali’s capital, Bamako, have reacted with indignation to the latest package of sanctions imposed to the country by ECOWAS.

The new sanctions include border closures, a trade embargo and a freeze on state assets.

”Today ECOWAS acts as a club. And this club is working against Africa, against the West African people. So we do not agree with these decisions”, says Lassana Camara, a resident in the capital.

Another resident, Sékou Touré, adds “this is not surprising. ECOWAS is currently a union of heads of state, and since 2012, we have been under embargo”.

“To arm wrestle with ECOWAS is not good, because today we are already facing sanctions… we do not know where this will lead our country. Secondly, if Mali is to be freed, I think that this arm wrestling is necessary for the freedom of Mali”, concludes Daoulata Haïdara.

The new sanctions have been imposed over delays to the restoration of civilian rule to the country, currently led by a military junta.


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