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CLAREMONT, N.C. (WBTV) – A dog that was beloved in the town of Claremont has passed away.

A Tuesday post on a Facebook page bearing his name stated Buddy “The Claremont Dog” passed away a few weeks ago.

“He was old and with his medical history we knew it was only time until he crossed over the rainbow bridge but we are so happy that these last few years of his life he was very much loved and safe,” the post stated.

Buddy was beloved in Claremont. For at least eight years, the dog roamed the streets and evaded every attempt at capture.

In September 2017, Buddy was attacked by two pit bulls and ran into the woods. For four days, no one saw him and the community feared the worst.

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A group went out to search for Buddy and found him lying near town hall with serious injuries. He was taken to an animal hospital and fought for his life over a number of days. Doctors had to amputate his leg.

Eventually, his condition improved and Buddy was adopted by an area family. According to Tuesday’s Facebook post, it was discovered when he was rescued that he had kidney and liver problems along with a long-standing heartworm infection.

“Those things had been treated the best we could but still took a toll on his body. He still would never let his human mom touch him but he was happy and always wagging his tail,” the post stated.

While Buddy came to be loved by a new family, he still remained “The Claremont Dog.”

“His 2 doggie friends, Daisy and Ava, miss him and he will forever be in our hearts. I know many people have fond memories of Buddy. RIP Buddy!!” the Facebook post ended.

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