WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – There is a new face at the Wichita Police Department’s Patrol East, a puppy named Nora. The terrier mix with a bark bigger than her bite hasn’t always called Patrol East home. Her arrival at the station was not planned.

WPD Captain Kevin Kochenderfer said a woman walked into the station on South Edgemoor, saying she could hear what sounded like screaming or crying from a nearby dumpster. When Captain Kochenderfer checked it out, he found Nora. At only three or four months old, he found her in a crate, surrounded by garbage. Officers brought her in and cleared her up.

“Probably for a month and a half, staff and I rotated who was going to take care of the dog for the evening, and eventually after about a month, she ended up at my house permanently, Kochenderfer said.

He takes Nora to work with him every day. She serves as kind of a new member of the squad. Nora even goes out on calls.

“I take her to QuikTrip. I just went to QuikTrip and everyone says, ‘that’s a police dog, huh?’ And I say, ‘yup, that’s it.’”

While she did not warm up to Eyewitness News camera in her office, the beloved “dumpster dog” has warmed up to the officers.

She already is helping children involved in traumatic accidents and cases.

“Invaluable, invaluable positive. It’s positive for the kids. It’s positive for the police. It just worked out great,” Kochenderfer said.

When she turns one, Nora will go through training and will most likely be a therapy dog for children.

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