SHREVEPORT, La. — Surveillance camera video from a Shreveport homeowner shows a brazen early morning SUV theft, taken from right in front of the family’s home. The video shows the thieves barely reacting despite a large floodlight and camera recording their movements including the moment when they made off with the vehicle.

“I was amazed,” said Henry Anderson, who didn’t discover the theft until the next morning. “To me, as soon as that light came on, you should have run. You don’t know if someone turned that light on. But it didn’t faze them a bit.”

The Ring camera and floodlight outside the garage is triggered by movement, according to Anderson. At 2:18 a.m. on Monday, March 22, the camera started recording as the thieves broke into the maroon, 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. The minute-long clip shows two men: one wearing a green hoodie, the other with a red t-shirt and bandana around his mouth.

Even with another car passing by on the street, the man in the hoodie is clearly shown getting into the driver’s seat and hot-wiring the SUV. The other man moves in front of the vehicle and helps push it back out of the driveway, before both men drove off.

“Whoever’s done this has obviously done this before,” said Anderson. “With the speed they did that, it’s not like they randomly ran across a vehicle, jumped in it and left.”

Shreveport Police are investigating but Anderson also put the video on social media hoping someone will recognize the SUV or the suspects.

“We have a Broadmoor neighborhood group [on social media],” said Anderson. “We’ve heard from some people saying, ‘hey, maybe it’s this person’ or ‘it looks like this person’ and we’ve relayed that to the police.”

Worst of all, Anderson said there was a lot of SCUBA equipment inside the SUV when it was stolen, since the family had just returned from a dive. The gear is so expensive, Anderson estimated it’s worth more than the vehicle itself. In addition to police, he also put the call out to local dive shops in case someone tries to sell the stolen equipment.

Anyone with information on the SUV can call the Shreveport Police Department non-emergency number: 318-673-7300.

Watch the full video here:

Security video shows the 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer taken from a driveway in the early morning hours of March 22. Anyone with information can call Shreveport Police at 318-673-7300. (Courtesy of Henry Anderson)

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