‘Chaotic’ scenes in Beirut hospitals


The huge explosion in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, blew out the windows of the CNN bureau, according to CNN’s correspondent Ben Wedeman, who said he saw a cloud of red smoke drift over the city after the blast.

Wedeman said he had “never felt anything like it … [I’ve] been around the block and seen pretty large explosions … and this was bigger,” he told CNN’s Becky Anderson, adding that he only heard and felt one explosion.

“As far as I can tell there was just one absolutely massive explosion which caused all this damage in the Lebanese capital.”

Lebanon’s state-run NNA news reports that a major fire broke out in a warehouse used for storing firecrackers, near Beirut’s port, and strong explosions were heard shortly afterwards.

Wedeman said the cause of the blast was “still not clear — if it was fireworks, as some news sources are saying — they are some damn big fireworks.”


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