The Host of The Point of View on Citi TV and the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM, Bernard Avle, has given four reasons why he believes the government must ensure a reduction in fuel prices.

The price of fuel in the country has increased significantly over the past six months, with many drivers lamenting about the situation.

Most oil marketing companies in Ghana currently sell fuel around GH¢ 6.90.

There are about seven taxes and levies imposed on petroleum products in the country, which culminates into about GH¢ 2 of taxes on each litre of fuel.

Various stakeholders including commercial drivers have complained about the cost of fuel and are impressing on government to urgently reduce the fuel price.

Some of the drivers have threatened to arbitrarily increase transport fares to make up for their loses from the fuel price increment.

Watch the video below:

[embedded content]

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