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Fugazy meaning came out with ‘No Fugazy’ song yesterday off his much-anticipated ‘No Pressure’ song.

The song is basically about people who use ‘fake outfits’ to impress others.

Sarkodie is saying when you’re fond of wearing fake stuff, then, you have no place in his corner because he’s the ‘drip god’ who deals with only expensive and top-class brands.


Well, a lot of people are searching for the meaning of Fugazy.

According to, Fugazy or fugazi means “fake”. It is strongly associated with Italian communities in New York and New Jersey but has also been more widely adopted through the popularity of the movie Donnie Brasco and through hip-hop.

So what Sarkodie is telling us in ‘No Fugazy’ simply means ‘No Fake’ — he doesn’t deal with fake things.

Listen below:

[embedded content]

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