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Ghanaians, according to gospel vocalist Patience Nyarko, are the own worst forms of humans on the entire surface of Earth.

Patience Nyarko has charged on the always-complaining citizens to hold themselves accountable before expecting our politicians to live up to expectations.

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In a Facebook live she hosted just a few hours ago, she argues that sometimes we (the citizens) are our own problems. And that it is not always the case that the government is not doing well.

She said;

“We always blame President Akufo-Addo or Ex-President Mahama for our woes. Ask yourself, what are you also doing to your brother or sister? People are duping people. We should blame ourselves.

In the course of the Facebook live session, she also issued a stern warning to her detractors to stay out of her way or face her wrath after alleging that a YouTube aggregator has squandered her hard-earned money.

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Pained Patience Nyarko said;

“I gave this aggregator my YouTube channel to manage. He was giving me chicken change. I was very happy not knowing I was earning more than that.”

I prayed to God for support, and he revealed that someone is owning me in a dream. I told my boss about it. We pushed this person, and he gave me a code to monitor my works. I was surprised. I am even tearing up. People are very wicked. The accumulated money was more than 15,000 dollars. I took my money back. God will judge this person.”

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