Disturbing news out of southwest Atlanta, police are investigating multiple incidents of child molestation at the West End Family Life and Community Center on Donnelly Avenue.

“This case is heartbreaking because the people entrusted to protect children, our most vulnerable population, violated their trust, and harmed innocent children,” APD Special Victims Unit Commander Lt. Felicia Claxton said.

Child molestation investigation underway at metro Atlanta summer camp

The incidents occurred here at the West End Center Camp between 2016-2018. Police have identified multiple victims under the age of 12 and have a suspect in custody.

“Today we are hoping to identify possible victims and anyone with any information or witness to inappropriate behavior by any of the camp personnel,” Claxton said.

The APD Special Victims Unit is looking for anyone with additional information. Neighbors are in shock.

“It seems normal. That’s crazy. I had no idea anything like that was going on. It’s tough. It’s hard when it’s related to religion. It’s such an integral part of people’s life,” Neighbor Matt Tooley said.

A parent contacted Atlanta Police this year and reported that her daughter had been raped at the camp.

The facility belongs to the West End Seventh-Day Adventist Church and the suspect was a member here.

We contacted the church office at a call box outside the gate and no one responded.

“Right now, we’re trying to see what the connection is between the church and the actual camp. The camp was run by some members of the church,” Claxton said.

Due to the ongoing investigation and the sensitive nature of the case involving children, police are not releasing the names of anyone. If you have any information in this case, contact Atlanta Police.

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