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Award-winning Ghanaian movie star and now professional footballer, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has angrily slammed critics who have fingered him as a voodoo user.

It can be recalled that during the peak of his beef with Big Akwes, the colleague comic actor accused Lilwin of using juju to cripple the shine of his competitors.

Big Akwes went on to profess that, Lilwin is the cause of Nana Yeboah’s downfall in the movie industry after he accepted to cast with him.

Apart from Big Akwes, many industry players have also inculpated Lilwin as a serious evil-juju user.

Whiles reacting to these hefty accusations from his attackers, Lilwin has argued that if relied on charms to gain prominence in the showbiz industry, he would have fallen by now.

He went on to add that, seemingly another person’s charms could be stronger than his and could be used against him, but because his blessings come from God, no one can stand against him.

Lilwin shared these sentiments in an interview on Accra FM with Nana Romeo.

He also dared any juju man who claims that he has ever visited his shrine for spiritual protection or charms to expose him for the world to know how evil he can be.

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